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10 Best Places in Wise County to be Photographed

Updated: Nov 28, 2017

Greetings from Decatur, Texas. We have some of the coolest backgrounds in our buildings, parks and landscape settings. Our downtown is picturesque from the Courthouse, square and this billboard across from the Post Office.

When I came to Decatur in 1990's things have change, somewhat but there are new areas all the time that I find to photograph and to take people to be photographed.

“Do you like an adventure? And do you like to be photographed in urban, country, rustic or vintage settings? Do you like landscapes, water, grasses, trees & foliage? We got it here.”

Whatever your style. We can accommodate your photo session requests.

Creative Visuals

Photography really comes to life when you have the different backgrounds that are present right here virtually in my backdoor. I have a yard that I sometimes use to create in, or I borrow the beauty of some outside venues such as the Petrified Wood Gas Station which is a short distance away from my studio.

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